Wikidot And Joneses

Title: Wikidot is a "community scripting platform" for a new comedy series


Recently a new comedy series has hit the web: Where are the Joneses.

The synopsis is that Dawn (left) has found out that she is the child of sperm donor and she now has the list of the other 27 siblings who are scattered across Europe. After contacting her new found brother Ian (Right) they begin the search with Jonti, the director filming their journey.

Besides being a funny (and interactive) show it is also a large marketing experiment sponsored by Ford that utilizes various web services and projects to deliver and process content. As the actors travel through Europe they write a blog that is a central "hub" for all the content. When new videos are available you can watch them on YouTube, photos are hosted on Flickr. They also use Twitter, MyBlogLog and many other web tools.

One of the coolest things is that the whole project is interactive. Not only you can comment on the content but also you could influence the storyline and work on screenplay. So if Joneses are going to visit you city, you might actually make them visit your favorite (or most hated) places ;-) This part of the project is hosted at

We are very happy being a part of the project. Although it is just spinning up we give them thumbs up! Good job!

Other links: a blog post by zeroinfluencer about the project.