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Welcome to my blog — place for ideas, comments, interesting hacks and boring personal stuff. Enjoy!

Pro accounts and a few ideas

18 Dec 2008 11:47


I was too busy and then too tired to write a post yesterday — but yes, we did manage to introduce Pro accounts at yesterday. And even more — have already had a few sales. Also we have received very positive feedback from our Users, Friends and Customers.


Tags: ideas pro wikidot

Comments: 5

Pro accounts tomorrow - will shave my beard

16 Dec 2008 21:35

Tomorrow is the big day for and our Team — we will officially make Pro accounts available to our users.

So far Wikidot has been free and our revenue came mostly from online advertising. But obviously there are a few problems associated with the model of "provide free service, monetize the traffic":


Tags: free pro wikidot

Comments: 1

Use the new Wikidot front theme on your Wiki in 5 easy steps

27 Nov 2008 08:55

Yesterday our team introduced a new design for our front page at We are getting many positive feedback about it. Thanks!

Many people were also asking us if it is possible to use the new theme on their own pages. Well, we are going to make a regular theme based on the new design, but if you are impatient and want to live on the bleeding-edge (like me) here is how I did it. No CSS knowledge is required and the result is instantaneous with just a few steps to complete.


The general idea is to create a new custom theme for Wiki and in the CSS definition import the CSS file from the front-page design. You will also need to add a few modifications, just copy&paste.


Tags: design howto tip wikidot

Comments: 2

Moving static content to CloudFront

18 Nov 2008 10:59

For the last couple of weeks we are thinking of ways to make faster, more responsive and more scalable. Personally I am fascinated with Amazon's web services, particularly :

I can see those services as a natural environment for future Wikidot hosting, but this is not exactly what I wanted to write about.


Today Amazon has announced another service, CloudFront — a damn easy to use Content Delivery Network.


Tags: amazon aws cdn cf cloudfront wikidot

Comments: 6

New Wikidot Theme

30 Oct 2008 20:47


Wikidot insider sneak preview: Wikidot awaits a major graphical redesign. What we are currently working on is a totally new front page for — cleaner, more organized, more friendly… Just better.

Lukasz has been working on it for a while, but this picture was taken when he just started 2 weeks ago, this is why he is smiling — he looks much worse now after 24th iteration of the theme and generating another set of buttons ;-)


Tags: design insider wikidot

Comments: 4

Is this O.K. to attach ads to user-generated content?

24 Sep 2008 15:34

It's about free web services that earn money from ads placed on user-generated content pages. This is exactly how could earn money and how and thousands of others are generating their revenue. Some people have nothing against it, some would never use a service with such ads.


Tags: ads marketing monetization wikidot

Comments: 5 in Poznań - impressions

21 Sep 2008 21:42

As many of you already know, Wikidot (the company) is based in Poland, Torun. And I really like going to various meetings, conferences and workshops organized locally. In fact, there are plenty of meetings related to "Web 2.0" and a lot has changed in the last 2 years here in Poland in the local Internet.

Anyway, on Saturday we decided to visit meeting in Poznań. Short summary? It was awesome. Clearly confirmed that the state of Internet in Poland more or less follows global trends.


Tags: barcamp meetings poland web2.0 wikidot

Comments: 2