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18 Dec 2009 10:04

For quite a while it is clear where HTML is heading. With canvas objects, HTML5 features one will be able to create not only rich web applications, but also desktop apps that communicate through the web.

Anyway, today I have accidentally found a cool game written in JavaScript, using canvas. It really surprises me how much you can actually do with the browser nowadays. The game is:

Another World

— something I was playing on my old Atari 520ST long time ago.


It is not a full game, as author says: Q. What's missing in this version?
A. Only one level is supported, and that one is broken as well. There are graphical glitches, movement bugs, and no music or sound effects. As said before, it's only for messing with <canvas>

But still, as a proof of concept, this is simply great.

For more "experiments" with browsers, visit Most of them should also work with Safari.

As a side effect: isn't position of Adobe Flash a bit in danger? Oh, yes it is!

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